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Our Story

The idea to help others was imprinted at a very young age as she, our founder Oshien Burrell, watched her grandmother suffer from multiple health issues. Inspired by her grandmother Phin (pronounced "Pin", meaning peace), it was decided to name the company in her honour, and launched on her birthday.

We believe that everything is connected, therefore we must target all aspects of well-being (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). Not only do we specialize in reiki healing, we provide reiki infused holistic products. Our ultimate goal at Phin Wellness is to bring customers relief, relaxation, and peace.

Our Values

Since day one, creating a business while not compromising the planet was a necessity. All our products are produced with environmentally friendly materials and when available, are organic and ethically sourced. We do not use palm oil, coconut oil, nor test on animals. Phin Wellness always strives to keep our waste as close to zero.

Welcome to Phin Wellness, we hope you have a relaxing visit while finding what you desire.

*Fun fact: Phin's name was selected by her mother due to being born on November 11th (Remembrance Day), symbolizing peace.




As young as 5 years old, Oshien would constantly seek to make others feel joy, love and peace. She made it a mission to allow others to feel their best self, given the battles they may be facing below the surface. Witnessing the challenges life may offer people, Oshien wanted to extend her knowledge to help heal others, and thus she decided to become a reiki practitioner. Oshien believes that in order to help others, you must first be able to help yourself. She currently is a certified reiki practitioner, and aims to become a master healer.